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Canal Street Station Market Co. & Railroad Village

2100 Western Turnpike
Duanesburg, NY 12056

Canal Street Station is a reconstructed 1920’s to 1940’s American railroad village representing the “Great American Dream”. Our village relives a common sight during the turn of the century when horse drawn wagons and push carts were still used to distribute produce and farm goods to market. Early trucks and automobiles were now an everyday sight traveling on U.S. Route 20 “The Great Western Turnpike”. The mom and pop business was evolving from fruit stands to manufactured diners that were popping up in every small town. A train station ticket could take you to any town or city in America and also deliver supplies and retail goods back to local villages.

Developed by Joseph J. Merli and friends in 1990, Canal Street Village, today, has its own General Store from 1900, a 1950’s New York Central locomotive, a 1940 Silk City Diner along with railroad buildings, rolling stock and early delivery vehicles.