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2018 Monthly Meeting Schedule

2018 Monthly Meeting Schedule

Jan 28, 2018 12-4
Jim Moran


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
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Posted in the shop is a sign up sheet for you to note when and if you would like to demonstrate some aspect of working with any type of metal. Keep in mind that the demo does not have to be long, it can cover any topic even remotely connected to Blacksmithing.

If you have never demonstrated before, we can help you organize what you want to do before you do it. We are all friends by now and no one needs to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Few of us are public speakers. If you have an idea, let us know (Rob: 339-2058 or Elijah: 742-0343 or Jack 439-0232) and we can work with you towards developing a demo.


So far the 2018 calendar schedule looks like this:

January 28: Matt Brady, weekend blacksmith @ Hancock Shaker Village, will demonstrate how to make a 1 piece corkscrew. Don't miss this one!

February 25: Off site in Central Bridge at Cataldo's new shop: 1485 Grovenors Corners Rd.

March 25: Lee Harvey making a bell

April 29: Noah will be demonstrating how to forge out bolt tongs and this design was taught to him by Japheth Howard and Noah will be making copies of his step bystep plans to hand out. Pictures attached below of what we will be making.

2018 Normanskill Farm School Program Date Grade School # Kids Arrive/Depart Teacher Friday, June 1 1 to 5 Doane Stuart 40 9:30/1:30 Darlene Gallagher Monday, June 4 2nd Pine Hills 65 9:15/1:30 Angela Jones Tuesday, June 5 3rd Eagle Point 44 9:00/1:30 Ann Paulson Tuesday, June 5 3rd North Albany 40 9:00/1:30 Shannon Pinkowski Wednesday, June 6 3rd TOAST 60 9:00/1:30 Sandy Wednesday, June 6 Middle S. Meyers 10 9:30/1:30 Cindy Clo Thursday, June 7 2nd Philip Schuyler 60 9:45/1:00 Latanya Friday, June 8 2nd TOAST 60 9:00/1:30 Marie Sokoris Monday, June 11 4th Giffen 70 10:00/1:30 Britt Foley Tuesday, June 12 4th Eagle Point 40 9:00/1:00 Marni Meno Wednesday, June 13 2nd Sheridan Prep 75 9:15/1:00 Lakisha Chalmers Thursday, June 14 2nd North Albany 50 9:30/1:30 Fran LoGiudice Friday, June 15 4th Sheridan Prep 60 9:30/12:00 Shelly Flood Monday, June 18 2nd New Scotland 75 9:15/1:30 Tina Moore Questions: Please contact Tom Gallagher at 518-577-0958 4/10/2018

May 27:

June 24:

July 30:

August 26:

September 30:

October 28:

November 25:

December : ??


For any "Open" meeting: Remember, we still can have meetings w/o a demo but it is always more interesting when we do. The list will be posted at each meeting - so sign up(sheet is in the shop).

***Remember, unless otherwise specified, ALL MEETINGS are held at "Pat's Forge", generally on the last Sunday of the month. The forge is the City of Albany's Normanside/Stephen's farm located off Delaware Ave.and under the bridge to the parking lot and then walking up to the first yellow building on the left.

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