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10/29/2017 Monthly Meeting Schedule:UPDATE

2017 CDBA Monthly Meeting schedule:

Oct 29, 2017 12-4
Jim Moran


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
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Posted in the shop is a sign up sheet for you to note when and if you would like to demonstrate some aspect of working with any type of metal. Keep in mind that the demo does not have to be long, it can cover any topic even remotely connected to Blacksmithing.

If you have never demonstrated before, we can help you organize what you want to do before you do it. We are all friends by now and no one needs to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Few of us are public speakers. If you have an idea, let us know (Rob: 339-2058 or Elijah: 742-0343 or Jack 439-0232) and we can work with you towards developing a demo.


So far the 2017 calendar schedule looks like this:

Jan. 29, 2017: Mike Cataldo will once again demonstrate in his shop, Aggressive Metalworks, an aspect of the art of blacksmithing. He and his able life assistant will demonstrate forging a blacksmith hammer.

Feb.26: Jack Connell will do a quick demo on making a gouge and a flat chisel for woodworking using various sized discarded garage door springs.

March:26: Rob Gallerani, as is his usual style and sense of adventure, will demonstrate making an aluminum sand casting

****April: 30: Paul Crosby will do a challenging demo making damascus using 20 pieces of a couple of different types of steel creating a damascus billet.

May 21: Colin Ray and Steve Gurzler will demonstrate tong making.(Earlier date as 5/28 is Memorial Day weekend).

June 25: Brian Filson will demonstrate something he does extremely well, how to correctly sharpen a blade to a razor edge.

July 30: Paul Crosby has stepped up and offered to demonstrate doing a "pineapple twist". This is a neat, attractive and simple method of ramping up an attractive tool handle/poker, etc.

AUGUST 27: **** SPECIAL MEETING **** Joe Cianfarani and his brother, Remo, will host our group at their forge/shop, "Armando & Sons, Iron Works", in Schenectady. Joe and Remo are carrying on the family tradition of blacksmithing which started in Italy years and generations ago. Joe and Remo do exceptionally high quality wrought iron and aluminum grills, fences, gates, etc. The tools and machines used are, by themselves, incredibly interesting and a must see. For the meeting, J&R have something special planned. This is a "Not To Be Missed" meeting.

Directions: Get off I90 from the Thruway for exit 890. Take the Broadway ramp off 890 and turn right onto Broadway. At the first light (50 yds+- from the ramp), take a right onto Edison St. Then the first short left onto Van Guysling Ave. You will see their shop on the right.

September 24 : On the 24th Steve Wayne from Heather's Heart Forge will be demonstrating a quick and easy way to forge a knife blade.

October 29: Steve who had to cancel his 9/24 demo, will be here for the October meeting instead.

November 26:

December:No meeting



*******The Rest of the year 2017 is wide open and volunteers are needed.********



For any "Open" meeting: Remember, we still can have meetings w/o a demo but it is always more interesting when we do. The list will be posted at each meeting - so sign up(sheet is in the shop).

***Remember, unless otherwise specified, ALL MEETINGS are held at "Pat's Forge", generally on the last Sunday of the month. The forge is the City of Albany's Normanside/Stephen's farm located off Delaware Ave.and under the bridge to the parking lot and then walking up to the first yellow building on the left.

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