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March 2013 Meetup

Chain Making

Mar 24, 2013 12pm-4pm
Mike Cataldo


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
click here for directions


Mike Cataldo will be demonstrating how to forge a chain.

As always, safety glasses required, cotton only clothing and closed-toed shoes.


We have some heat but have not been able to come up with a heating system that can warm the forge to a normal interior temperature so please dress appropriate to the weather.

For Sale

We have a few items for sale - I will try to get more information and post it on the website:
  • A 400 lb anvil - there is a flyer at the Pat's Forge, with more details
  • A rivet forge - is currently at Pat's Forge
  • A 171 lb partially damaged anvil - good starter anvil


We ran out of coal but should have more before the meeting.
Each bag varies in quantity, is individually priced and runs anywhere from $10 to $30 per bag - cash only!

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