Capital District Blacksmiths' Association
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June Meeting: June 29th

CDBA's first metal casting demo. will be given by Mark Feldman

Jun 29, 2014 12-4+- Sun.


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
click here for directions

This should be an interesting and fun change of pace for our group as Mark will the first member to demonstrate how to cast metal. For this demo, Mark will use lead free pewter and the participles here would be the same whether casting brass, silver or iron, etc. The use of lead free pewter will be a plus as we won't involuntarily breath in any toxins, other than someone's cologne, etc.! Mark plans on using a soapstone hand-carved mold for one demo and a sand mold for another. He has used wood as well as other creative material for some of his previous mold work. You might have noticed that he usually has a couple of small objects around his neck -he cast those as well. So, be prepared to learn something and to hear, no doubt, some interesting stories.

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