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4th Anual Hammer-In

Aggressive Metal Works is holding another (4th Annual!) super meeting at Mike's Central Bridge, NY shop and home

Feb 27, 2022 12-4
Mike Cataldo


Aggressive Metalworks
1485 Grovenors Corners RD, Central Bridge rd, NY 12035
click here for directions

Mike is once again hosting both the 4th Annual Hammer-In at Aggressive Metalworks and simultaneously host the monthly CDBA meeting at his shop and home in Central Bridge, NY.

Mike and Rich Brior will demonstrate forging a 2" square bar into a dragon's head. Additional strikers welcomed! There may also be a second surprise demonstrator as well.

Mike, Ashley and the 3 kids, as usual, will feed the hungry crowd (let's all hit the "tip Jar" to show our appreciation!) with a variety of goodies, which are always welcomed and appreciated!

Tail Gating and show and tell are encouraged and most welcomed.

Looking forward to another meet and social event.

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