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ABANA June 3-6

ABANA Conference coming up. Volunteer if you can. Thanks, Jim

Mar 12, 2020

The Abana Board will return conference registration fees to those who wish to cancel due to the Corona virus. The conference is still scheduled and volunteers are needed to help. Volunteers will work only a few hours during the conference without missing the demonstrations.

There will be up to four golf carts operating morning and afternoon on Wed June 3, Thurs June 4, Fri June 5, and Sat June 6. The carts will be available to provide shuttle service around the conference grounds for those attendees who require assistance. We also plan to have a few volunteers on duty at the conference entrance gate /parking lot during the mornings of all days to ensure that attendees find an appropriate parking space in good order. Need for more help is sure to develop at the start and during the conference.

Would you be willing to assist with some of these duties? If so, please advise which days and times (am or pm) would best fit your schedule. Dana Flanders is in charge of volunteers. He asks that you provide name, email address and phone number. Please contact him at: —713-569-8422

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