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Greg Phillip's Shop, Acorn Forge and Fabricating

Hammer In - @ Greg's shop (Acorn Forge) in the Town of Montgomery, near New Paltz.

Mar 21, 2020 10-5
Various, below

As many of you might remember, Greg died last year. On Saturday, March 21 from appox. 10 AM to 5 PM this annual event will continue. This will be hosted by Kelly Scott Anson and the Northeast Blacksmiths Association.

At the request of the Phillips Family and to honor the tradition and memory of our good friend and member Greg Phillips, we are having the spring hammer-in that Greg would host at his shop every year.

The demonstrators this year will be Dave Kurdyla and Fletcher Coddington. There will be tailgating and food. The food will be provided by a caterer and if you want to partake we just ask that you pay a small donation to cover the cost of the food and the expenses for the day.

For his demonstration, Dave will be forging and heat treating a hammer. All the forging will be done by hand and using a striker. The photo at the top of the page is some of Dave's work.

Fletcher will be demonstrating forming hollow metal forms using air pressure.

The tailgating area will be along side of and behind the shop. Please only park there is you are tailgating. The neighbors next door generously allow us to use a parking area on their property. We ask that you be considerate of all the neighbors and their properties when attending this event.the Northeast Blacksmith's website ( for details and how to get to Greg's shop.

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