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Sept. Meeting

Your requests

Sep 29, 2019 Noon to 4PM
Jim Moran

I'm ready to go but find we are short on stock. I need HC railroad Nails. I need stock for scrolls, 1/4 or more straps 1" to 3" wide. Leaves and feathers strap 1 to 2 '' wide 1/4 or less, we need a file with only cuts in one direction ( if anyone has one ). I have a ladle block, but thin plate is needed-- this is work. The Guillotine needs heavy angle iron and a chopsaw to cut the stock. That job is best left to last so that we can find out our needs. A portable drill press would be a great help with the nail header.

I don't think we can do them all on Sunday , but we can have fun. Jim

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