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Paying The Rent

2019 Student Schedule and members who volunteered to give a brief demo and talk each day.

Jun 4, 2019 8:45AM - 2PM+-


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
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WELL DONE FOLKS. THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING EACH CLASS WENT OFF WELL AND EVERY ONE WAS HAPPY! As in the past, in exchange for using and enjoying the City of Albany's Blacksmith Shop, we have volunteered to talk about Blacksmithing to Albany school students and explain and demonstrate its role in American farm (and City) history.

This year, we only have 7 days-so far-of 2nd and 4th grade students.

The schedule of volunteers is :

June 4 (Tues.): Jim Moran: 439-5439

June 5 (Weds.): Jim Moran: 439-5439

June 7 (Fri.): Dave Paterson: 573-4956

June 10 (Mon.) : Jack Connell: 439-0232

June 12 (Weds.): Jerry Smith: 966-7487

June 13 (Thurs.): Vince Heeran: 253-5656

June 14 (Fri.): Bryan Salisbury: 898-8174Vince Heeran: 253-5656

Call Jack (518-439-0232) or Jim (518-439-5439) if you can help out the volunteers for some or all of a day. Or, just show up!

Remember, this is how we "pay our rent" ! This has been difficult this year as most members work during the day and we increasingly turn to retired members for help in" Paying The Rent." Consider saving up a vacation day next year to help us out.

Thanks again to all who contribute to make this "club" viable.

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