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6-24-18 meeting

Steve Waynes incredible meeting: Forging a horseshoe from bar stock using the coal forge

Jun 24, 2018

Steve's Demo today was stellar ! As a professional farrier for over 30 years, Steve has made and put shoes on some of the most expensive show and race horses in the country. His first demo for CDBA was over 5 years ago and today's demo was just as captivating, informative and impressive. He made a special right rear corrective shoe for a particular client horse and explained why that foot needed special elements not usually found on a typical horseshoe. Steve explained how certain shoes correct or improve action, gates, physical problems,etc. He also talked about national shoeing competitions he has been in and won, and how he used to make TWO complete shoes, ready to be put on the horse, in 20 mins. or less! Steve shared a number of other tips and fascinating tales about his long career. Steve and his wife, Heather, have recently moved to Stephentown in Rensselaer County. Here he still produces custom shoes for long time clients as well as leading a blacksmith school, called Heather's Heart Forge and School ( www. , 518-888-6462) where he teachers general blacksmithing and more advanced classes in making knives, axes and other interesting things, such as woodturnings! Nice guy and another terrific class.


Also, hats off to Brian Filson, Doug Shepard and Paul Crosby who came up with the idea and bought and donated to the club a belt sander for the back room. Safety rules, etc. will be formulated by Brian and Jim Moran and a donation pool will be set up so that additional sanding belts may be purchased. Neat idea. The back room expands!!

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