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Mike's Compound! Sunday's meeting

Wonderful time at Mike and Ashley Catalado's new shop.

Feb 27, 2018

What a fantastic time. Mike can throw a party, and what a party it was. Ashley and her daughter kept bringing out the food - from cold cuts to hot dogs and hamburgers and so much more! What gracious and generous hosts Members, this was the exception, do not expect such treatment at Pat's forge!!

Mike's new 60"+ x 30'+ shop is a dream come true for Mike and Ashley. What a wonderful space. The overall property, shop, house, 5+ acres etc. will be a great place for the Cataldo family to grow (as we were told it is about to - congratulations!) and to produce many other neat and creative things.

The Skull bottle opener demo was interesting and beautifully done. Dave is a master and precise blacksmith - not a wasted hammer blow. Good teacher as well.

The anchor forging was incredible. Didn't expect it to be so large - believe the shaft was around 2 1/2" . Incredibly labor intensive and Steve and Co. worked on this for hours and did a beautiful job. See the cdblacksmith's Facebook page - Paul posted there a number of pictures and videos.

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