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September 24th meeting: Paul Crosby

Paul Crosby stepped up to the plate once again!!

Sep 24, 2017

Due to unforeseen events, the originally scheduled demonstrator, Steve, had to cancel at the last minute. He will now be the October 29th Demonstrator. Paul Crosby quickly volunteered and happen to have with him a piece of steel which he often uses in making his custom knives. As in previous demos of Paul's, he did a masterful job of showing his approach to making a blade. As previously stated, many times, Paul is a gifted teacher who explains the why of each step and the flow of the process so that the novice to the seasoned bladesmith understands each and every step. Nice job, Paul

Paul also announced that he and a couple of other Club members have finally set up a Facebook page with links to many other BS sites and where Club/CDBA members may add APPROPRIATE comments or pictures. The site is "". From there you may also go directly to the CDBA website for Club news and meeting times, etc.

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