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Armando Ironworks 8/27/17

Joe Cianfarani hosted our meeting at his Schenectady Shop.

Aug 28, 2017

Joe is the third generation blacksmith, dating back to his father and grandfather in Italy. Joe and his brother Remo own and together run the Armando &Sons Ironworks which fabricate a remarkable number of custom iron, aluminum and brass fences, grates, railings, etc. -all of which are of the highest quality old world craftsmanship.

Sunday, Joe demonstrated a wide variety of high tech tools and machines which a modern day metal fabricator would use. He also demonstrated a number of techniques and skills normally used in the course of a professional iron fabricator's day. He additionally demonstrated where, why and when the skills of old time blacksmithing (that's us!) would be appropriately used in his shop. This demo was really an eye opener for most us us and we literally drooled over wishing we had some of his machines.

Terrific job, Joe!

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