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November Meeting

11-27-16 meeting

Today's Meeting 11/27/16 at Pat's Forge was another good meeting of fellow enthusiasts.

Today Jim demonstrated forge welding and twisting a basket scroll. He showed two different ways to do this. One was Binding four separate pieces together with wire and forge welding the ends before twisting. A slightly "easier" way, the second, was bending the ends before forge welding.

Paul also demonstrated using a special jig to make a wine glass holder for the top of a wine bottle. He also demonstrated a forge welded fire poker. We had an average turn out, about 25-30 folks, with at least three new faces. Doing both demonstrations at the same time by Paul allowed for plenty of time for the "newbies" to get some one on one anvil time under more experienced smiths.

Remember : there will be no December meeting so as to allow all of us to enjoy the holidays.

The January meeting will be at Mike Cataldo's forge on Patricia Ln. in Guilderland (see specific directions on the web site). Mike and his able assistant, Ashley, will be demonstrating hammer making.

Have a merry holiday and Christmas, Paul

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