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Today's meeting w/Lee Harvey


Lee making a bell from beginning to end.

Event Date: Mar 25, 2018

Once again Lee clearly demonstrated the process, materials and jigs needed to make a bell that actually sounds like a jingle bell. See the Facebook postings for a few pictures of today's event. Another good job by Lee on this smaller bell. Last year he did the larger of the two sizes.

Jim worked on making a little anvil and showed this progression as well.

Next month (April 29) Noah will be the demonstrator.


ABANA call for help


ABANA 2020 call for help

Event Date: Mar 24, 2018

Folks: This is a request for help in 2020 for the ABANA National Conference. Jim will discuss at the next meeting.


Thanks I will post this on our web site and ask members to sign up. I hope we get a young capable volunteer coordinator to sign up. Jim

On Mar 19, 2018, at 8:52 AM, Robert Menard <> wrote:
Hi Jim,

We have most of our leadership positions filled but we will be looking for help during the conference in the form of demonstrator assistants, runners, and youth teaching area monitors. I want to have a broad enough group of volunteers to draw from so no one individual misses much of the conference as they're helping out. The set up will most likely be managed by the ABANA set up crew so I expect we will be good there. As it gets closer there may be other assignable tasks.

If you have one motivated go getter that wants to be part of the leadership team I am in the market for a volunteer coordinator. This position requires computer skills and an organized mind. They must be able to play well with others. The work load for this person would probably not get started until 2019 but they would be in the leadership communication loop and up to speed on the conference goings on.

Anybody come to mind?

I will also be seeking some folks to sit an information table in Richmond selling tee shirts and some swag related to 2020, handing out packets and answering questions. I want to have enough people for this so no one is there more than 2 hours per shift. Again I don't want people to miss blocks of the conference.

Let me know your thoughts.

Bob Menard


Mike's Compound! Sunday's meeting


Wonderful time at Mike and Ashley Catalado's new shop.

Event Date: Feb 27, 2018

What a fantastic time. Mike can throw a party, and what a party it was. Ashley and her daughter kept bringing out the food - from cold cuts to hot dogs and hamburgers and so much more! What gracious and generous hosts Members, this was the exception, do not expect such treatment at Pat's forge!!

Mike's new 60"+ x 30'+ shop is a dream come true for Mike and Ashley. What a wonderful space. The overall property, shop, house, 5+ acres etc. will be a great place for the Cataldo family to grow (as we were told it is about to - congratulations!) and to produce many other neat and creative things.

The Skull bottle opener demo was interesting and beautifully done. Dave is a master and precise blacksmith - not a wasted hammer blow. Good teacher as well.

The anchor forging was incredible. Didn't expect it to be so large - believe the shaft was around 2 1/2" . Incredibly labor intensive and Steve and Co. worked on this for hours and did a beautiful job. See the cdblacksmith's Facebook page - Paul posted there a number of pictures and videos.


ABANA web site

Posted: Feb 9, 2018

I just found that we all can share the Anvils Ring and The Hammers Blow. Just go to the web site: ( then for the Ring enter) /back-issues-anvils-ring ( or) /hammers-blow

The CDBA is a member of ABANA


Feb.25 Off Site. See narrative


Feb. meeting at Mike Cataldo's NEW Aggressive Metalworks shop in Central Bridge

Event Date: Feb 25, 2018 12-4
Mike Cataldo


Aggressive Metalworks
1485 Grovenors Corners RD, Central Bridge rd, NY 12035
click here for directions

Mike has moved his home shop from Colonie to Central Bridge and set up Aggressive Metalworks in new splender! Only problem, no more of his Mom's cookies! See the Facebook posting also.

The Address: 1485 Grovenors Corners Rd., Central Bridge, NY 12035. You would be wise to Google the address. There are many ways to get there: I88 south to rte 30a or rte. 20 to 30a at Sloansville to Grovenrs, etc.

Mike has plans for a team to forge a "large" boat anchor -probably one big enough for the Mayflower! And a special guest smithy, Dave Kurdyle will forge a skull, something most of the members have been clamoring for over the years, or was that just Mike!! Anyway, should be a terrific time with lots to learn as was so at every event Mike held at his Colonie digs. Just wish his soul mate would take Mom's place and bake up a batch - for old times sake!!!