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Age of Iron - 8/3-4 2019


Hancock Shaker Museum hosting the A of I for another year.

Event Date: Jul 6, 2019

HSM is just over the NYS border on route 20 in Hancock near our side of Pittsfield (about 45mins. from Pat's froge). Many of our members have volunteered at the museum blacksmith shop over the past 20+ years and were in fact the originators of the Age of Iron. This is a terrific time to meet other smiths and to visit the museum. If you drive past the museum on Route 20 and take the first right (Rte. 50) and an immediate right again on a dirt driveway, you arrive at the back entrance. Tell the gate keeper you are a blacksmith and helping out. That's your free ticket in! Enjoy!


July 27th Fundraiser for a colleague.


Northeastern Blacksmith's, located in the New Paltz area, and a group many of our members belong to, are asking for our help

Event Date: Jul 6, 2019

Fundraiser Hammer-In/Barbecue for Greg Phillips Family

Northeast Blacksmiths Association via

6:56 PM (1 hour ago)

It's a mid-summer Hammer-In!

Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 9 AM – 4 PM

Arrowsmith Forge , Millbrook, NY

You are invited to a Hammer-In/Barbecue fundraiser to benefit the family of our good friend and fellow blacksmith Greg Phillips who recently passed away. Fletcher and Debra Coddington have graciously offered to host the event at their shop,Arrowsmith Forge, in Millbrook, NY. For many years, Greg and his family opened their home to us and hosted hammer-ins. They were always generous and welcoming. Let's return their generosity and show our kinship. This is a social event as well as a blacksmithing event so everyone is welcome. Please bring as many family and friends as you like.Text Link
Fun for the whole family!
This one day event will include demonstrations, food, drink, a raffle, and a live auction. Cost of admission $30.00 per person. Kids 10 years old or younger are $5.00 each. Food is included with price of admission. We will have a tailgating area. Tailgaters will be charged an additional $20 each. All proceeds will be given to Greg's family.
Professional demonstrations:

John Rais and Leonid Karelshteyn will be demonstrating blacksmithing and artistic/decorative ironwork. Fletcher Coddington will be demonstrating proper solder techniques, Greg Cimms will be demonstrating bladesmithing.

Raffle and auction:
First prize in the raffle will be a Fly Press with cast iron stand and assorted tooling. Second prize is a 310 lb. anvil and third prize is a 40 lb. Fisher-Norris anvil. The Raffle Drawing will be on the day of the event. You do not have to be in attendance to win but you will be responsible for picking up or paying for shipping the item you win in the raffle. Prizes may be viewed on our group Facebook page.

We are also requesting donations of items for the auction.

Text Link

Please pre-register for this event by following thisregistration link. If you are unable to attend, you may still make a donation to Greg's family and buy raffle tickets on the registration page. Thanks for your support!
Upcoming events:

Save the date for the New England Bladesmith Guild's annual Ashokan seminar and the Northeast Blacksmith's Fall Hammer-In on September 20-22, 2019. Program information will be availablelater in July at Northeast Blacksmiths website.

Northeast Blacksmiths Association | (845)657-7553 |

June 30 meeting


Some guy named Moran is the demonstrator for June 3oth

Event Date: Jun 24, 2019

Mr. Moran will demonstrate a number of quick items and projects and has something in mind to surprise as well.


Paying The Rent


2019 Student Schedule and members who volunteered to give a brief demo and talk each day.

Event Date: Jun 4, 2019 8:45AM - 2PM+-


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
click here for directions

WELL DONE FOLKS. THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING EACH CLASS WENT OFF WELL AND EVERY ONE WAS HAPPY! As in the past, in exchange for using and enjoying the City of Albany's Blacksmith Shop, we have volunteered to talk about Blacksmithing to Albany school students and explain and demonstrate its role in American farm (and City) history.

This year, we only have 7 days-so far-of 2nd and 4th grade students.

The schedule of volunteers is :

June 4 (Tues.): Jim Moran: 439-5439

June 5 (Weds.): Jim Moran: 439-5439

June 7 (Fri.): Dave Paterson: 573-4956

June 10 (Mon.) : Jack Connell: 439-0232

June 12 (Weds.): Jerry Smith: 966-7487

June 13 (Thurs.): Vince Heeran: 253-5656

June 14 (Fri.): Bryan Salisbury: 898-8174Vince Heeran: 253-5656

Call Jack (518-439-0232) or Jim (518-439-5439) if you can help out the volunteers for some or all of a day. Or, just show up!

Remember, this is how we "pay our rent" ! This has been difficult this year as most members work during the day and we increasingly turn to retired members for help in" Paying The Rent." Consider saving up a vacation day next year to help us out.

Thanks again to all who contribute to make this "club" viable.


Jim needs help


This Sunday, Jim needs a few strong hands to help with a small task

Event Date: May 20, 2019

Jim is needs a little help fixing things at the Forge , 15 min. He will try to show how to form a circle or a square from bar stock. He will cheat where he needs to , how to cheat at blacksmithing. We need to help each other to build a portable forge. Most of the stuff is scrap with a few pieces of pipe. We have the summer to make them. Lets see who needs one.