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Sept. Meeting


Your requests

Event Date: Sep 29, 2019 Noon to 4PM
Jim Moran

I'm ready to go but find we are short on stock. I need HC railroad Nails. I need stock for scrolls, 1/4 or more straps 1" to 3" wide. Leaves and feathers strap 1 to 2 '' wide 1/4 or less, we need a file with only cuts in one direction ( if anyone has one ). I have a ladle block, but thin plate is needed-- this is work. The Guillotine needs heavy angle iron and a chopsaw to cut the stock. That job is best left to last so that we can find out our needs. A portable drill press would be a great help with the nail header.

I don't think we can do them all on Sunday , but we can have fun. Jim


September 29th Meeting


Jim has once again stepped up to demonstrate his talent

Event Date: Sep 18, 2019

As we asked at the August meeting for ideas for the monthly meeting demonstrations, Jim has come up with a few ideas from your suggestions. He will demonstrate how to make a nail header and possibly a ladle and if time permits, a feather. All are suggestions folks put down on the chalk board.

Hopefully., you will bring in more ideas for future meetings and possible even volunteer to demonstrate something you can share with us. Otherwise, Jim will be the demonstrator for each future meeting.


NEBlacksmith Hammer-In


Check out the NEB website -latest newsletter is full of info.

Event Date: Jul 22, 2019
Announcing the Fall 2019 Hammer-In!
Fall Hammer-In at Ashokan

September 20-22, 2019

Learn the art of forging hot steel using traditional blacksmithing tools and skills at the semi-annual Northeast Blacksmiths' Ashokan Hammer-In. An exciting weekend of activities for beginners and experienced metal-smiths alike. Come for all or any part of this great weekend workshop, where you can receive instruction in our fully equipped Teaching Program, watch the forging demonstrations, browse the tool flea market and enjoy the company of fellow blacksmiths!

The New England Bladesmith Guild will also be hosting their annual knife seminar at Ashokan this same weekend. For more information on their program visit


Demo Announcement


Special guest Demonstrator for the July 28th meeting!

Event Date: Jul 18, 2019

We are very excited to announce that we have a very special guest demonstrator for our up and coming meeting. We will be hosting Forged in Fire season 5 contestant Dana Dupuis as our demonstrator for the July 28th meeting at the Normanskill Farm. The demo will start at the usual 12PM. Dana is a very entertaining and skilled Blacksmith/Bladesmith. He will be making a roach belly knife. This demo is sure to be a good one, and not one to miss!

Don't forget The Benefit for Greg Phillips family Hammer-in by the Northeast Blacksmith association, and hosted by Arowsmith Forge in Millbrook, NY on Saturday the 27th.


Age of Iron - 8/3-4 2019


Hancock Shaker Museum hosting the A of I for another year.

Event Date: Jul 6, 2019

HSM is just over the NYS border on route 20 in Hancock near our side of Pittsfield (about 45mins. from Pat's froge). Many of our members have volunteered at the museum blacksmith shop over the past 20+ years and were in fact the originators of the Age of Iron. This is a terrific time to meet other smiths and to visit the museum. If you drive past the museum on Route 20 and take the first right (Rte. 50) and an immediate right again on a dirt driveway, you arrive at the back entrance. Tell the gate keeper you are a blacksmith and helping out. That's your free ticket in! Enjoy!