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Feb meet @Mike's


Don't miss this month's meet in Central Bridge

Event Date: Feb 22, 2019

Mike Catalado's February 24 meet is not to be missed. See directions and see write up in the annual meet schedule.


Elija's Jan. Demo


Elija's demo

Event Date: Feb 22, 2019

Elija's first CDBA demo at the forge was terrific. Very nice job. Not only did he clearly show how to make a wizard bottle opening he explained in detail how and why he had special tools for each process, emphasizing the two eye punches and the sequence in using them. After the demo, Elija generously spent one on one time helping a greenhorn make his first opener. They ended up with a beautiful Wizard Bottle Opener. Good job Elija and Chris!


January 27th 2019 Meeting


Elijah Wood Demo January 27th, 2019

Event Date: Jan 11, 2019

January 27th 2019 Elijah will be demonstrating how to make wizard bottle openers, and will also be making some of the tooling necessary to make them. This will surely be a good meeting!



2019 Monthly Meeting Schedule


2019 Monthly Meeting Schedule Note that Feb. 24,2019 will be at Cataldo's new shop in Central Bridge.

Event Date: Sep 30, 2018 12-4
Mike Cataldo


Aggressive Metalworks
1485 Grovenors Corners RD, Central Bridge rd, NY 12035
click here for directions

Posted in the shop is a sign up sheet for you to note when and if you would like to demonstrate some aspect of working with any type of metal. Keep in mind that the demo does not have to be long, it can cover any topic even remotely connected to Blacksmithing.

If you have never demonstrated before, we can help you organize what you want to do before you do it. We are all friends by now and no one needs to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Few of us are public speakers. If you have an idea, let us know (Rob: 339-2058 or Elijah: 742-0343 or Jack 439-0232) and we can work with you towards developing a demo.



January 28: Matt Brady, weekend blacksmith @ Hancock Shaker Village, will demonstrate how to make a 1 piece corkscrew. Don't miss this one!

February 25: Off site in Central Bridge at Cataldo's new shop: 1485 Grovenors Corners Rd.

March 25: Lee Harvey making a bell

April 29: Noah will be demonstrating how to forge out bolt tongs and this design was taught to him by Japheth Howard and Noah will be making copies of his step bystep plans to hand out. Pictures attached below of what we will be making.

May 27: Jim Moran will demonstrate making a set of calipers and will discuss , "The Golden Rule" (not THAT one, the other!)

June 24: Steve Wayne who was a professional farrier will demonstrate making a draft horse size shoe. He may be bringing his gas forge for the demo.

July 29: Steve Wayne will give a class in basic blacksmithing.

August 26: Jim Moran will demonstrate using a jig a simple way to make tongs

September 30: Mike Cataldo will host this month's meeting at his shop and home in Central Bridge (see Feb.25 above). Mike will have a short demo on making dies for power hammer use.

The bulk of the day will be dedicated to completing a personal project each member is expected to bring. The goal will be to completely or nearly completing your project within the 3 hour time frame available. So, start thinking and preparing. You will also need to bring your own hammer and safety glasses.

Mike will have a number of coal and gas forges set up for your use. A fun and focused day is planned.

October 28: Surprise demo by Paul on canister Damascus See write up or see Facebook posts by Paul

November 25: Paul Crosby again to the rescue. He will be coordinating this meeting with Steve Wayne. - another surprise demo!

December : No meeting this month. Still need someone for January meeting.


January 27, 2019: Elijah will be making Wizard bottle openings and also will be making a couple of tools used in the making of the Wizard.

February 24: meeting @ Mike Catalado's place (Aggressive Metalworks) in Central Bridge Mike has lined up a professional knife demonstrator and a few other demonstrators. We should have a heavy Forging demonstration and a few other smaller forging demonstrations. Tailgating welcome food will be provided. This will be Mike's second annual New Year shop meeting. Don't miss this one!


For any "Open" meeting: Remember, we still can have meetings w/o a demo but it is always more interesting when we do. The list will be posted at each meeting - so sign up(sheet is in the shop).

***Remember, unless otherwise specified, ALL MEETINGS are held at "Pat's Forge", generally on the last Sunday of the month. The forge is the City of Albany's Normanside/Stephen's farm located off Delaware Ave.and under the bridge to the parking lot and then walking up to the first yellow building on the left.


October meet


Surprise demonstration today.

Event Date: Oct 28, 2018

Paul Crosby surprised us today with a demo and his first attempt at Canister Damascus. He used a 1/2" hollow square stock with powdered steel and nail pieces for contrast. Forged out to a solid piece. Only issue was that there were not enough nail pieces for a good contrast.

Jim Moran simultaneously with Paul's demo also demonstrated making a ball at the end of a square stock.

Good turnout in spite of the fact we had no official demonstration scheduled. Next month we also have no one scheduled, so we will wing it once again!