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Greg Phillip's Shop, Acorn Forge and Fabricating


Hammer In - @ Greg's shop (Acorn Forge) in the Town of Montgomery, near New Paltz.

Event Date: Mar 21, 2020 10-5
Various, below

As many of you might remember, Greg died last year. On Saturday, March 21 from appox. 10 AM to 5 PM this annual event will continue. This will be hosted by Kelly Scott Anson and the Northeast Blacksmiths Association.

At the request of the Phillips Family and to honor the tradition and memory of our good friend and member Greg Phillips, we are having the spring hammer-in that Greg would host at his shop every year.

The demonstrators this year will be Dave Kurdyla and Fletcher Coddington. There will be tailgating and food. The food will be provided by a caterer and if you want to partake we just ask that you pay a small donation to cover the cost of the food and the expenses for the day.

For his demonstration, Dave will be forging and heat treating a hammer. All the forging will be done by hand and using a striker. The photo at the top of the page is some of Dave's work.

Fletcher will be demonstrating forming hollow metal forms using air pressure.

The tailgating area will be along side of and behind the shop. Please only park there is you are tailgating. The neighbors next door generously allow us to use a parking area on their property. We ask that you be considerate of all the neighbors and their properties when attending this event.the Northeast Blacksmith's website ( for details and how to get to Greg's shop.


January 26, 2020


Making the smaller shop tools

Event Date: Jan 26, 2020 12-4+-
Elijah Hammond


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
click here for directions

For you folks who don't use the CDBA Facebook page developed by Paul Crosby, where you can see a picture of Elijah holding what looks like a 30 # sledge, Elijah will be our member demonstrator for the first month of the new year. Elijah will show us how to make a variety of the smaller tools needed in any blacksmith shop.

FYI: Jim Moran, the surprising old guy that he is, will be married (Yes!) two days later on 1/28/20! Goes to show, life goes on after 80 (+)! Needless to say, he probably won't make the January meeting.


2020 Monthly Meeting Schedule


2020 Meeting dates

Event Date: Dec 16, 2019

January 26, 2020: Elijah Hammond-Wood on the making of the smaller shop tools

February 23: NOT TO BE MISSED!! Mike Cataldo will be hosting another of his fantastic meetings in his Central Bridge Home shop. See Facebook for future details.

March 29:?

April 26:Paul will do a demo on making a belt buckle at noon on Facebook Live.

May 31:?


July 26:?

August 30:There will (hopefully) be a meeting at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne. See the seperate announcement.

Sept 27:?

October 25:?

November 29:?

December 27: No meeting

January 31, 2021:?


Crosses and small tricks


October 2019 Meeting

Event Date: Oct 27, 2019 Noon to 4 PM
Jim Moran


Pat's Forge
Mill Road, Albany, NY 12209
click here for directions

This will be a demo of old tricks I've done before, but I'm open to any thing you want to see. I will have set up a few start pieces of Chris's Cross and small anvils. Those interested can come up and make a finish a cross or anvil.

I will discuss the ABANA Conference and provide some details.


ABANA 2020


ABANA 2020 schedule

Event Date: Oct 17, 2019
2020 Conference News
Hello James S.,

Basic information for the 2020 Conference

ABANA 2020 Saratoga is on its way. It is THE blacksmithing get-together that you have been waiting for. We have a distinguished array of demonstrators in eight separate demo sites, a 20 forge teaching area, a youth teaching site, lectures, competitions, vendors, tailgating, family programs, members’ gallery, auction and BBQ and the Blacksmith’s Arm Pub. There will be a Saturday night dinner and coffee and donuts early mornings. Also there will be food available onsite all four days. Whether you are a novice, a part-time smith or a full time professional there will be something for everyone, including time to sit and share ideas, techniques, and learn from each others’ experience. Even for those who are just curious about blacksmithing this is the place to see smithing at its best. You won’t find a better place for all things blacksmith whether you come for just a single day or the entire four days.

Conference Pricing

Before April 1st 2020

Member Registration = $295

You will receive a FREE T-shirt.

Spouse Registration = $75

You will receive a FREE T-shirt.

Child Registration = $35

You will receive a FREE T-shirt.

Non-Member Registration = $355

You will receive a FREE T-shirt.

Non-Member Spouse Registration = $90

You will receive a FREE T-shirt.

Day Passes

Single Day - Member = $95

Single day - Spouse or Child = $30

Single day Non-Member = $110

Saturday Dinner = $15

You can purchase this dinner separately for Saturday - single day attendees

After March 31st 2020

Member Registration = $345

Will not come with t-shirt

Member Spouse = $100

Will not come with t-shirt

Non-Member Registration = $415

Will not come with t-shirt

Non-Member Spouse Registration = $120

Will not come with t-shirt

Extra Goodies

T-Shirt = $25.68

ABANA Lapel Pin = $4.28

Conference Hat = $23.54

2020 Conference Mini Anvil = $28.89

Slack-Tub Bourbon

Laser Etched - two liter = $85.60

This is a Commemorative Cask

Reserve your bottle of Slack-Tub = $1

Just visit the Springbrook Distillery at the Blacksmith Arms Pub when you arive to make your purchase. Cost is $44 for empty Cask or $84 for the cask filled.


4 day - RV/Trailer = $152

This includes Water/Electric/Graywater

4 day - RV/Trailer = $128

includes Water/Electric

Additional day RV/Trailer = $32/$38

Must have purchased 4 day camping

4 day stay in the Bunkhouse = $100

This is an on site Bunkhouse

Tent Camping per day = $20

No water, no electric, pitch your own tent.

Conference Location

Washington County Fairgrounds

392 Old Schuylerville Road, Greenwich, NY 12834

Registration Contact: Karen Sims

Please call 1-860-300-0013 or email

Registration is now open
Register Now