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Posted: Feb 9, 2018

I just found that we all can share the Anvils Ring and The Hammers Blow. Just go to the web site: ( then for the Ring enter) /back-issues-anvils-ring ( or) /hammers-blow

The CDBA is a member of ABANA


Feb.25 Off Site. See narrative


Feb. meeting at Mike Cataldo's NEW Aggressive Metalworks shop in Central Bridge

Event Date: Feb 25, 2018 12-4
Mike Cataldo


Aggressive Metalworks
1485 Grovenors Corners RD, Central Bridge rd, NY 12035
click here for directions

Mike has moved his home shop from Colonie to Central Bridge and set up Aggressive Metalworks in new splender! Only problem, no more of his Mom's cookies! See the Facebook posting also.

The Address: 1485 Grovenors Corners Rd., Central Bridge, NY 12035. You would be wise to Google the address. There are many ways to get there: I88 south to rte 30a or rte. 20 to 30a at Sloansville to Grovenrs, etc.

Mike has plans for a team to forge a "large" boat anchor -probably one big enough for the Mayflower! And a special guest smithy, Dave Kurdyle will forge a skull, something most of the members have been clamoring for over the years, or was that just Mike!! Anyway, should be a terrific time with lots to learn as was so at every event Mike held at his Colonie digs. Just wish his soul mate would take Mom's place and bake up a batch - for old times sake!!!



Radio Friday 1/19/18 FM 105.3


The Radio program on 105.3 about CDBA

Posted: Jan 19, 2018

Noah and Paul did a great job talking about blacksmithing and promoting our CDBA. I feel fantastic that we have members that can carry our group into the future. I'm not hanging up my hammer, but I now know we will continue. Thanks


CDBA on Radio Friday


Paul and Noah on 105.3 FM this Friday @ 6PM, (Jan 20)

Event Date: Jan 16, 2018

Paul Crosby and The CDBA will be joining Noah Khoury on WOOC 105.3 FM on The Hudson Mohawk Magazine radio show this Friday night from 6-7pm. Please tune in and help support the art of Blacksmithing!

WOOC 105.3 FM - The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Welcome to our radio station, WOOC 105.3 FM, broadcasting from studios at �The Sanctuary…


Jim's Great Adventure!


Jim's Demo on the Irish Snake

Event Date: Dec 5, 2017

Initially, we all had decided that because of the holidays we would not have a November or a December meeting. Jim, however, volunteered to host this early December 3rd meeting in lieu of the regular two last Sunday of the month meetings.

He also wanted to demonstrate how to make one of his famous Irish Snakes, which are made out of a large farrier's rasp. Jim came with several prepared individual rasp's showing the sequences/steps he does as he forms the snake, as well as the tools and jigs he uses. Once again, Jim entertained us with his skill...and his tale about St. Patrick and the reason there are no snakes in Ireland!

Paul posted the video he did of Jim on the Club's Facebook page. Don't miss it!

Also, as an aside, there was present at this meeting an owner of a race horse stable. She took pictures of the finished snakes and sent them to her farrier in Kentucky, who loved them! Jim's fame is now national!

The January meeting will be on the 28th. Demo to be decided and posted between now and then!

Have a terrific Hanukkah and Christmas!