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June 27th Meeting


June 27th Meeting

Posted: Nov 30, -0001

Good day fellow blacksmiths! Our June meeting is fast approaching (June 27th) and we are as always looking for a demonstrator! anyone who would like to share a technique, or craft that they think the group would enjoy please feel free to step up and feel free. The more people who share, the more interesting the meetings become, and the more people show up for more meetings. We can help you with props, materials, or whatever you may need. We have 11 meetings a year, so pick your month! September we are having a special meeting (info to come) and I have been told that our yearly February "EPIC Meeting" hosted by Mike Cataldo is on schedule for 2022! Please let me know if you are interested in doing a demo at this coming, or any other meeting! (Paul) 518-763-7296


May Meeting review


Railroad Spike tongs

Posted: Nov 30, -0001

Our Monthly meeting for may was a good one for sure! We were fortunate to have a surprise visit from Bryan Salisbury right after his 2nd place finish on History Channel's Forged In Fire! Bryan brought his two swords that he made for the show, and they looked even better in person than they did on the show! Beautiful work. For the demonstration, I (Paul) made a unique style of railroad spike tongs, with an oval ring and straight jaw to hold a spike firm and straight. I (Paul) had an extra set of blanks drawn out, and Doug was able to recreate the tongs from the demo! The design was inspired by a YouTube video by Christ Centered Ironworks. I will be happy to send you the link, if you do not have access to the CDBA Facebook page.


January meeting


January 31st meeting

Posted: Nov 30, -0001

join us on January 31st for our next meeting 12 noon to 4 PM at the Normanskill farm. Paul will be talking about his recent Forged in Fire episode, and answering questions about the show. We officially don’t have a demo so we are open to suggestions! Please let us know what you you’d like to see! At the meeting, or for future mee


Playing with Pipe

Posted: Nov 30, -0001 Noon to 4 PM

Jim Moran will fill for Paul on Sunday ,as he is doing some work for the dogs. I want it to be fun and I hope you will enjoy yourselves. I have a lot of pipe to play with. I have tried to come up with different ways to change the shape thepipe I’m sure you an find more


March Mtg canceled


March Meeting Canceled

Posted: Nov 30, -0001

As we all know there are many cancelations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping in-line with the Governor's recommendations to limit public gatherings we will be canceling our March 29th meeting. Not sure at this time if the April meeting will be affected, however we will post updates as they develop. Also ABANA has announced that the 2020 Conference will be canceled as well.